Frequently asked questions

  • We give personalized and detailed attention to each child, respecting their individual learning needs.
  • Our school offers continuity from the initial stage to the pre-school stage, expanding knowledge and facilitating new learning experiences.
  • The classrooms are designed to promote the correct and complete development of the child.
  • Our staff are highly qualified and dedicated to accomplishing our established educational project.
  • We strive to exceed our educational goals with a set of skills to develop, a lot of enthusiasm and dedication, and a vocational spirit of respect and love for children.

Within the first cycle, classes are conducted primarily in Catalan, with a reinforcement of the English language. The objective is to create awareness of the language and help students understand the phonetics of the vocabulary taught. Each classroom has two educators, the primary educator and the other an auxiliary educator. Observation, dedication, and respect for each child’s learning pace are fundamental principles followed by the educators.

The second cycle, a teacher teaches all subjects in English to smaller groups of students. Students participate in projects such as Lego robotics and Numicoms. External staff members are responsible for teaching different subjects, such as music and sign language. In addition, there is a native language manager who oversees the Jolly Phonics project. This project focuses on phonetics, which helps students learn to read and write, and ensures that all children learn the correct pronunciation.

In both cycles, the spaces are appropriate and full of resources to ensure rich development with experiences that will undoubtedly play an important role in their first years of life.

If you are interested, contact us by email or by calling 807580. Once you have made contact and provided your email and telephone number, the management will contact you with information about the school and arrange a day for a meeting and a tour of the facilities.

Once the family is interested and management has confirmed the placement, there will be an initial registration fee.

During the final term, children in stage one start their weekly pool sessions at the Seradells Sports Centre to get their first experience in the water.

In the first cycle, students get the chance to attend weekly swimming sessions throughout the school year at the Seradells Sports Centre.  The monitors will provide follow-up and reinforcement by incorporating new techniques in the aquatic environment.

During the second cycle, extracurricular activities increase as the children’s capabilities improve. Throughout the school year, they have swimming lessons at the Serradells Sports Centre, while during the winter season, they take ski courses once a week with experienced instructors from Vall Nord.  In the final term of the course, they start learning tennis at the Princiesport sports centre, enjoying circuits and activities programmed by instructors.

Enrollment and registrations

To register and register, please download and fill out the form. Then send it to with, optionally, a passport size photo (4×4) of the child attached.

Contact with us

For more information, you can send us your questions using this form.


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