Cycles from 0 to 6 years

We respond to children's learning needs.

At KIDS school we believe childhood is a critical period in which children’s intellectual potential can be maximized.  Hence, we have created a unique learning space that provides children with the right conditions to achieve their full potential.

Our pedagogical philosophy is based on the following principle:



1r. Cycle

At Kids, we understand that during the first few years of life, neural connections are established. These connections multiply when we expose our students to various forms of stimulation. Synapses is responsible for creating functional brain structures which are crucial for developing different forms of learning. We take advantage of this opportunity to stimulate and activate a series of conditions that help develop the potential of our students.

We follow a common and comprehensive pedagogical approach that adheres to the International Curriculum. Our approach focuses on providing integral education to the child and ensuring they are well-prepared for the school stage.


Oriented towards the global education of the child.


To value both what has been learned and how it has been learned.


That it values in an objective and explanatory way.


That stimulates activity and participation.


Through play, experiences and work, ideal means to learn.


Making sure that the new learning is related to what is already known.


Seeking to develop the sense of observation as a priority means of information storage.


It develops the child's potential and promotes personal expression and creativity.


They allow a progression in learning according to the evolutionary, differentiated and integral rhythm of each of the children.

Socialized and sociable

Working together and cooperative learning favors and generates habits and attitudes of collaboration, respect, reciprocity and solidarity.


2n. Cicle

We adhere to an international curriculum and conduct most of our activities in English. Our program prioritizes experiential and globalized learning and is designed to facilitate the comprehensive development of children's inquiry and discovery skills. We aim to enhance the academic, social, and emotional well-being of our students and encourage them to develop their full potential to become competent learners.

Our infant and preschool curricula are developed by a team of academics from the Early Childhood Education field and follow the six content learning areas of the IPC: language arts, social-emotional, arithmetic, creative arts, science, and motor skills. The curriculums are organized into thematic units that cater to the interests of growing minds and engage them in various learning activities.

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