Menu'ts KIDS

Alimentació saludable


Healthy food for children while promoting food variety.


We are the first school in Andorra to prioritize healthy and local food as we understand the significance of maintaining a healthy diet for physical and intellectual development.

All meals are cooked by our experienced chef, and our menus are prepared by a dietician who considers the nutritional needs of growing children. We cater to children with special dietary requirements, such as allergies or intolerances. 

It is important to educate children on healthy eating habits early on to prevent future health problems. The foundations of eating behaviour are established in the early years of life, which is why food at the Kids school takes on a broader significance.

We strive to teach children to appreciate and enjoy a variety of foods, as this is an essential step towards maintaining a balanced diet.


Takeaway menus

We offer specific takeaway menus for children aged 0 to 6.

Our dishes are made with a careful selection of purees, and prepared meals are cooked using natural ingredients without preservatives or additives. We pay special attention to cooking methods to preserve all the nutrients.

Each dish is packaged in a single-use container, labelled with a description of the ingredients and the date when manufactured.

We comply with current hygiene and health regulations and are credited as a central kitchen with a health registration number.

To place an order, please email or call us the day before. Orders can be placed for one or several days.

Enjoy a healthy and balanced meal with more free time. Bon Appetit!


KIDS: a school with gluten-free menu preparation certification

Our school had already implemented gluten-free menus, and together with the Celiacs Association of Andorra, we have become the first school in the country with gluten-free centre accreditation.

This accreditation means that our school has specific training facilitated by the ACEA and Celíacs de Catalunya. They follow a strict protocol when it comes to storing, buying, and handling food before it reaches the table of celiac children.

Contact with us

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Carrer Esteve Dolsa Pujal, 14
AD500 Andorra la Vella

Tel. (+376) 807 580