Early childhood education is a stage that contributes to the emotional and affective, physical and motor, social and cognitive development of children in collaboration with families.

In this environment, we provide children with a climate of trust where they feel welcomed to grow and learn.


The KIDS school introduces a concept to childhood by creating a space with its own identity in which to respond to the learning needs of children aged 0 to 6, offering them the maximum of possibilities in the face of their immense intellectual potential. Providing children with the right conditions to achieve the best version of themselves.

They constitute a decisive stage in the development of the person. With the challenge, commitment and responsibility that this represents, we are guided by an innovative school project that adapts to content and work procedures that will develop different intelligences, personality, languages ​​and the establishment of social relationships which basically occurs in the range between 0 and 6 years.


Focused on promoting our school to be a reference for early childhood through our methodology, the values ​​imparted and the strategies in the development of children’s learning. Our aim is to convey to the child security, enthusiasm, motivation and provide him with the necessary skills to successfully integrate him into the school stage. Without neglecting the importance that everything goes through the emotions that are the main entrance to learning. Emotion and cognition work constantly within the brain to guide learning, when you learn the most is when you feel that what you are doing is growing and having fun, and the more fun you have, the more you want. Therefore we learn in a fun and relaxed way in a framework of affection and familiarity.

Implementing, as a novelty during this school year, a new American curriculum (IPC) and moving little by little towards a bilingual school.


Inspirem als nostres alumnes perquè confiïn en les seves capacitats, despertin el gust per l’aprenentatge i creixin amb alta autoestima.

Busquem descontextualitzar els aprenentatges de l'aula, sempre que es pugui, donant especial importància a les activitats a l'aire lliure.

L'equip de KIDS és el secret de nostre èxit. Alineat i unit pels nostres valors fonamentals, que s'apliquen en tot allò que fem.

Establim una relació personal d'estimació, empatia, confiança i col·laboració amb l'infant i la família.

A Kids International Preschool afavorim, en tots els alumnes, la consciència personal, emocional i social.

Mantenim una actitud innovadora de recerca de la millora contínua en tots els continguts curriculars.


Early childhood education is essential for the overall growth and development of children, including their physical, emotional, cognitive, and social well-being. At our school, we aim to create a nurturing environment where children can feel welcome to grow and learn while building trust and confidence in themselves and others.


Our mission at the KIDS school is to introduce a unique concept of childhood education by creating a space with a distinct identity that caters to the learning needs of children aged 0 to 6 years. We aim to provide them with the best opportunities to explore and develop their intellectual potential in an environment that is conducive to their growth and development. We believe that this stage is crucial in shaping a child’s personality, intelligence, language skills, and social relationships, and we are committed to an innovative school project that adapts to the unique needs of each child.


Our school’s vision is to be a leading institution in early childhood education. We strive to achieve this by using our unique teaching methodology, imparting strong values, and employing effective learning strategies. Our primary goal is to install a sense of security, enthusiasm, and motivation in children. We aim to equip them with the necessary skills to transition successfully into the school stage.

We understand the importance of emotions in the learning process. Emotion and cognition work together constantly to guide learning. We believe the best learning happens when children feel they are growing and having fun. Therefore, we make learning fun and relaxed within a framework of love and familiarity.

We have introduced a new American curriculum (IPC) and have now moved towards becoming a bilingual school.


We believe in instilling confidence in our students, encouraging them to develop a love for learning, and building their self-esteem.

We aim to make learning more accessible to our students by incorporating outdoor activities into our curriculum whenever possible.

The KIDS team is the secret to our success. We are united by our core values, which apply in everything we do.

We establish a personal relationship of appreciation, empathy and collaboration with the child and the family.

Kids International Preschool promotes personal, emotional and social awareness in all students.

We maintain an innovative approach to research and continually improve our curriculum content.

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