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We respond to those families who consider quality and multilingual education important during the first years of life, when the brain is most receptive.

Kids International Preschool is a school for children aged 0 to 6, located in Andorra la Vella, which has IPC (International Preschool Curriculum) certificates and is an official partner of Lego Robotix.

The school is characterized by its direct and personal attention to the development of children, while offering tools and methods to prepare them to take on new evolutionary stages with autonomy, confidence and security.

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from 0 to 3 yr

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from 3 to 6 yr


from 3 to 6 yr

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We are a school that attaches great importance to the first years of life, establishing work guidelines together with families, ensuring that the development of our students is rich in emotions, stimuli and above all providing an environment full of love, safety and lots of confidence strengthening this early base to which we are so dedicated for the upcoming events and new stages that we have to face.









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We inspire our students to trust in their abilities, awaken a taste for learning and grow with high self-esteem.

We seek to decontextualize learning in the classroom, whenever possible, giving special importance to outdoor activities.

The KIDS team is the secret of our success. Aligned and united by our core values, which apply in everything we do..

We establish a personal relationship of appreciation, empathy, trust and collaboration with the child and the family.

At Kids International Preschool we investigate the personal, emotional and social awareness of everyone.

We maintain an innovative attitude of research for continuous improvement in all curricular contents.

``Menu'ts`` KIDS: healthy nutrition

We offer a healthy diet of Km. 0. It is important that our students become aware of the importance of good nutrition.

We are the first school in Andorra that includes food from organic farming in its daily menus and gives a high priority to local food.

Work with us

Do you have qualifications, do you have an attitude, do you speak several languages ​​and are you passionate about children?

Send us your Curriculum vitae to the email info@kidsinternationalpreschool.com or fill out and attach it to the form.