Alimentació saludable

It is in the first years of life when the foundations of eating behavior are consolidated, which is why food at the Kids school acquires a dimension beyond biological parameters. It is the period of learning to know and appreciate food: this allows to promote the principle of food variety, an essential condition to be able to maintain a balance in the diet. It is necessary to educate children’s palates and offer a balanced diet to avoid health problems in the future.

We are aware of the importance for growing children of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet for the correct physical and intellectual development of children. We are the first school in Andorra that includes food from organic farming in its daily menus and gives a high priority to local food.

Menús per emportar (per a infants de 0 a 6 anys)

You will find in our dishes a careful selection of purees and prepared dishes that we prepare with natural ingredients, without preservatives or additives, cooked in a traditional way, paying special attention to the cooking methods to always preserve all the nutrients.

The dishes come packaged in single-use containers. Each container is labeled with a description of the ingredients and the date of manufacture.
We respect the current hygiene and health regulations, we are accredited to be a central kitchen and we have the health registration number.
The order will be made via email or phone the afternoon before the order. Orders can be made for one or several days.
Order your menu and enjoy a healthy and balanced kitchen and more free time!!!

Bon Appetit!

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