Explorant la natura

Children are curious by nature and what better way to encourage this curiosity than by exploring nature?

Kids Kindergarten organizes nature trips for boys and girls with the aim of giving the little ones at home the opportunity to learn about the environment and discover the beauty of nature first hand.

They listen to the birdsong, smell the flowers, touch the leaves, plants and trees that wander along the way. All with the explanations of the Kids guides, who tell them curiosities about the plants and animals that live in the forests of Andorra, arousing the children’s curiosity and making them ask questions.

Una sortida educativa

During the excursions, children are encouraged to observe their surroundings and use their senses to explore the nature around them.

Another activity that children love is collecting leaves and flowers from different plants, while teaching them to be delicate and respectful of nature and to take only what they need.
Everything collected is used in the classroom for an art project and as a tool to identify different species of plants.

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