Dibuixant al parc

When it comes to keeping the kids entertained, there are few things better than an afternoon at the park. So when Kids preschool organizes drawing activity in the park, it is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their artistic skills outdoors.

While the children were drawing, the Kids professionals took the opportunity to explain curiosities and differences about the plants and animals in the park.
In addition, children are told the importance of protecting the environment and the need to take care of the planet.

Gaudir de l'aire lliure

This activity is a wonderful opportunity to learn while enjoying the outdoors and spending time with their friends!

After spending some time drawing, the boys and girls gather to share their drawings with the aim of encouraging their participation within the group and improving their oral expression.

So the activity of drawing in the park is a wonderful experience for boys and girls, who have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, learn about nature and develop their artistic skills.

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